Bug Fixes! Just some small stuff leading up to interview season (Full change log): 2016-04-27
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed sorting and pagination
  • Fixed various 500 errors
  • Changed title business card page
  • Updated about me


Photo Update! Photos are now stored on the file system (Full change log): 2015-05-16
New Features
  • Files are stored on the File system rather than the DB
  • Added option for downloading games Im working on. You'll need a URL from me though
Bug Fixes
  • Some admin fixes
  • Made file IO a little more robust.
  • fixed photos overflowing on album show page
  • Removed worlds. Now there is just the blog, worlds were dumb.


Dynamic pages update! I'm slowly moving old static pages to dynamic ones (Full change log): 2014-10-10
New Features
  • Added employment section where I can share my contact info and resume with employers
Bug Fixes
  • Lots of little CSS fixes
  • Lots of employment bug fixes
  • Fixed a few incorrectly externalized strings
  • Added google analytics and webmaster tools!
  • Moved repo to github! The repo is private due to passwords in the repo...


This change focused on refactoring and general cleanup (Full change log): 2014-08-03
New Features
  • Added navigation to blogs, worlds and photo albums
  • Improved URLs
  • Added config object allowing most text on the site to be edited at any point
Bug Fixes
  • Blogs and worlds do not have dates
  • Change version number (oops)
  • Fixed alt text on pictures
  • Externalized strings, if you see a.weird.title that is why... Let me know if you see one!


This change has lots of bug fixes but little in terms of new features (Full change log): 2014-07-10
New Features
  • Create Access denied page
  • Add bypass security option for direct linking
Bug Fixes
  • Fix Bootstrap links
  • Fix Error pages
  • Fix DB Timeout
  • Blogs not attached to worlds do not show up
  • Pagination does not work
  • Small photos are positioned incorrectly on show page
  • Blog and image dont delete with world
  • Make CSS and JS for syntax highligher only load on the correct pages
  • Add acknowledgements to site info
  • Can not create new blog
  • Started using Jira
  • CSS cleanup
  • Web interface for adding users
  • Add Security level field to each object
  • Make footer sticky


This change focused on mobile pages and bug fixes: 2014-01-22
New Features
  • Syntax highlighting for code
  • Changelog page created
  • Accordions on site info page
  • Added navigation to photo show page
  • Added links to photos on home page
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed list pages on mobile devices
  • Fixed Youtube video in worlds for mobile devices
  • Fixed hidden blogs showing up
  • Fixed editing of pages
  • Fixed thumbnails showing up to large if they were portrait
  • Fixed site being really slow (by upgrading my hosting plan...)
Coming soon
  • About... My computer!
  • Web interface for adding users
  • Facebook/Twitter API integration
  • Uploads
  • Major refactoring
  • Programming challenges
  • Tags for posts


Primarily UI upgrades
New Features
  • List pages have better UI
  • Home page has better pictures
  • About me page looks better
  • Made worlds prettier
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed footer
  • Better support for editing pictures
  • Fixed world 'queuing'
  • Removed unfinished pages
  • Fixed text on most pages


This was the first stable release ready for the web
New Features
  • Added security to all pages
  • Added photo thumbnails
  • Deployed to ianholstead.com
Bug Fixes
  • Everything.

Initial changes (Unstable)

Built the basis of the website
New Features
  • Created Grails project
  • Ran Twitter Bootstrap
  • Created domain classes
  • Build views and controllers from scaffolding
  • Added file storage on DB
  • Got website running!