Last weekend (May 29-31) I attended the 2015 Games Institute game jam at uWaterloo. I literally found out about it the day before so I didn’t know anyone before showing up and I didn’t have any ideas for a game so I was really coming in fresh. The game jam started Friday evening where I teamed up with a few others (Jason (2nd year CS), Niel (4th year CS) and Marion) where we brainstormed a bit and then attended an intro to Unity session (since 3/4 of us had never used Unity). Saturday and Sunday was pretty standard intense work, the doors opened at 9:00am and closed at 10:00 pm everyday so we were pretty limited on time.

I programmed the lighting, powerups and animation as well as designed the level. Jason built the level, did the sound and various small programming things. Niel did the multiplayer, HUD and setup the movement/shooting. Marion did the character art.

The game we ended up producing was called a shot in the dark and it’s a fast paced multiplayer party game. It was pretty strongly inspired by Towerfall but top down. Additionally the level was dark with lights in some places around the level. The characters are invisible in the dark but visible in the light. Additionally arrows glow lighting up the area around them – initially showing the person who shot it but also other players near its path as it travels. Like Towerfall, each player starts with 3 arrows, arrows on the ground can be picked up and the level spawns powerups.

You can see the source code here or just download it here.

Shot in the Dark