A number of you saw the picture I posted a week or so ago about starting a new Meet the FOC project. What you might not have realized is that the project has already been underway for quite a while and I am just starting the video editing.

I have been thinking about and researching the idea for this year’s meet the FOC over the last 3 months. I won’t spoil anything but this year’s video is a lot different than previous years and I needed to figure out exactly what our plan was and how to make it work. After numerous discussions with the FOC though early January I finalized the plan the week before offers went out.

Offers went out to on Monday, we had our first meeting on Wednesday that week, an equipment setup and test on Friday night, 2h of meetings + 5 hours of filming on Saturday and another meeting Wednesday the next week. Within a week and a half of offers going out media had already had 13 hours of meetings/filming and that doesn’t count the video editing.

I'll go into depth about Meet the FOC filming later to avoid spoiling anything but I will say that we generated ~115GB of video that we have to process!

Over the next month and a half, we have two videos to edit, the theme video and the meet the FOC. Fortunately, we have an awesome team of keen video editors so hopefully the videos will be the best ever. We will try and post some teasers to the orientation week media channels in the coming weeks so keep your eyes open!

Hopefully the videos will blow your mind as much as Ken in this BTS photo!

Media BTS